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Our natural deodorant cream came as a result of a day, when we got to be creative in our little kitchen.

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Completely natural

We use only natural ingredients, no additives.

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Packaging from biodegradable raw materials, what does that mean?

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I adore it. No kidding!

I've been a fan of Nelipot since my first purchase. I remain a loyal consumer and fan to the end, because I have not found a better product since using deodorants, perfumes, personal care and hygiene products. Honestly.

Ivjana Banić

Impressed with the packaging

For two reasons: 1. Because the Nelipot deodorant is finally available in a stick and I like it a lot more than the pot; 2. Because this packaging, stick, is completely biodegradable. It is entirely designed and manufactured in Slovenia and is made of biodegradable ingredients or. PLA plastics (lactic acid plastics).

Nika Veger

Itch free, easy to use

Let me tell you, I'm very grateful to @nelipot_deo for sending me their deodorant stick for testing. As I wrote in an earlier post, after using it for a couple of days, I noticed that I have absolutely no itch for which I am very happy.

Dijana Begič


Diven is a MUST HAVE

This DIVEN shampoo is definitely one of the MUST HAVE products. Makes hair soft and shiny, maintains a healthy appearance and grows <3. For all of us who like to make shampoo foam - this is it!

Mojca Mitev


TOP summer combo

My experience has been very positive ... the application of the cream is light, it is absorbed immediately into the skin, it is not oily, despite the fact that most of the ingredients are oils. The coconut oil moisturizes but at the same time keeps the underarms moist. A TOP combination for summer.



I am absolutely thrilled

Nelipot is a deodorant cream that completely fascinated me. And not only me, my mother also reaches out to it every day (don't steal because I don't have unlimited resources, giggles) so I can confirm that ut already has a special place in our family among our favorite products.

Viva la vida Blog