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Our natural deodorant cream came as a result of a day, when we got to be creative in our little kitchen.

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Author: Tina Štrubelj

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A completely natural deodorant cream, the winner of the title Hit product of 2016 as part of the Štartaj, Slovenija! project, came out with a new look yesterday. The co-founders of the company Tina and Simon presented the Nelipot stick in three versions, namely BASIC, SHAC and IROF. The presentation was held yesterday at the Ljubljana Castle.

Over a year has passed, since we decided for our little cosmetic adventure under the name of Nelipot. Diversity that it brought with it cannot be easily described, however, to get a better picture, we would really like to introduce you to our new best friends that came into our lives in the past year and these are – sheeps.