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Our natural deodorant cream came as a result of a day, when we got to be creative in our little kitchen.

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Common Q&A’s

Is the cream really natural?

In the BASIC cream are ingrediants you daily meet in your kitchen: coconut butter, sodium bicarbonate, corn starch, goat milk and jojoba (that comes in the form of wax). We do not add any additives for perservation (for instance, preserving agents) or additional vitamins, as well as no usual preventatives for bad body odour (such as, aluminium compounds).

Same goes for SHAC as well as MAMICHKU and any other product that will follow.


Okay, natural, but does it work?

Yup, it is really working. We were testing it for more than 8 months, searching for the right ingredient ratio and finally came to the combination that enables a trully longlasting, natural protection against bad body odour throughout the day as well as night, if you decide to spend it awake.

The cream also absorbs the moistureness of the armpits, which was confirmed till now by many pleased users.


What is the price, the packaging and how long it lasts?

The price of one deodorant cream is 11.99 EUR. You can find it in a 50 ml package.

Depending on how regulary you use it and your own individual pattern of sweating (which also results in the quantity of each application), the cream lasts anything from a month to three months. For Tina one Nelipot lasts for a month and a half, for Simon under a month, one of our first clients, Nika, it lasts for more than 2 months.


Who is the producer of the cream?

Cream is made by ourselves, our own four palms, in our little “lab“, all ingredients are certified, as well as the packaging. Every product has its own Safety Assessment of a Cosmetic Product and is registered in the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP) before being placed on the market.

Every cream is hand mixed and carefully packed, deisiring to be a gift, no matter whether you buy it for yourself or your loved ones.


I got the cream, but it’s solid. Is that the way it should be?

Depending on the whether outside and the temperatures, you cream can reach you very solid. Due to the natural ingredients the cream gets its creaminess when placed in a warm place (over 25 degree Celsius and more, when the coconut butter starts to get melty). Hence, we recommend you use Nelipot after showering, when the skin is warm and moisty and the cream is best absorbed. In the warm months of the year, the cream can get in a very liquid state, just so you know.