First it was Simon, than it was Tina, both children of the eighties. Two decades and a few more years later, our paths crossed. Somewhere between the travels, exploration of the world and ourselves, we came across an idea to start making our own deodorant cream and present this magical, naturally effective cream to a broader circle of people. Idea became independent and has a desire to grow, but more in the upcoming months.

We started to blog, because we would like to share with you some of the following:

  1. our views on organic/natural cosmetics (this is the reason we will continue to make our products free of any non-organic ingredients);
  2. our own discoveries, with which we already met or will meet in the future on the way of creating our own brand of handmade cosmetics and
  3. to share some of the experiences, which we poses or will gain in the future (for instance, an idea for a good read or a seminar).

By all means, we would like to keep the blog “alive“ – here you will find a little of everything: pictures of hours in our little “lab“ (production area, to say correctly) or travels that create new products and much more. We will be writing or presenting what we will find interesting and more of that we will get good response to. So we will be very happy if you will leave us a comment, thought or a critique amongst the posts. If you like to tell things more privately, we will love to receive e-mail from you at

We hope to read you soon again!

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