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Our natural deodorant cream came as a result of a day, when we got to be creative in our little kitchen.

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Over a year has passed, since we decided for our little cosmetic adventure under the name of Nelipot. Diversity that it brought with it cannot be easily described, however, to get a better picture, we would really like to introduce you to our new best friends that came into our lives in the past year and these are – sheeps.

Of course, we didn’t set a farm in our backyard. Whoever had ever any troubles with sleeping must have heard for a well-known suggestion: “Just count the sheeps from 100 back, breath deeply and you will surely fall asleep.“ Well, that worked for a week or so, then our little night friends began to evolve its own personalities.

Mellody, a beautiful, young sheep, is an aspiring financier, at 100. She began every evening with questions like “Are the bills paid? Are the invoices issued? Did you call the accountant regarding…?“. Brrrr, she can be quite persistant, this Mellody, so soon you realise that with her on your mind, you sure ain’t going to get some sleep. So we turned to Lizzie, at number 99. Definitely she is very peculiar, with her black paws and her big, black spot on her chest – its recognizable she’s in marketing. Her opening evening questions were usually about our new products, if we have called the photographer for some new materials or whether we have a publishing plan for social media for next month done. She also can be a real “sweetheart“, so we continued to her colleague in black at number 98, we called her Abiagail. She’s not an ordinary black sheep, right the opposite, a real honey that inquires us about the happiness of our customers – did all get the answer the same day, did we call that lady back or where the tester gor lost for the girl from Tuesday. We don’t have much issues with Abigail, because we have the best and most understanding customers on this planet, so there’s no pressure. We get quite chatty with Abigail, which often sadens Mrs. Goonie, sheep nb. 97, but we will talk about her another time. Mrs. Goonie has a special sense of humor, the kind that makes our roguish deeds very funny. Since there are many, they will have to wait to our next post on the blog.

To sum up – a magnificient year that brought many sleepless nights. In any case, the first three sheeps of our bedtime countdown show the most important areas of the first year, where lessons were the biggest – achieving customer satisfaction, importance of marketing activities continuity and financial sustainability. One is down, all is down.

Photo credit: @spela_strubelj_grcar (IG)

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