Yesterday we were both reading some literature on homemade beauty products. The picture above shows a part of the chapter that we would like to share with you. Star Kechara sums up perfectly the importance of usage of natural deodorants in her book “The Holistic Beauty Book”, where she has written:

”So what’s the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant? Well, technically speaking a deodorant is something that smells nice and covers up the smell of sweat; an antiperspirant is designed to clog the pores to stop the action of the sweat glands. Confusingly, there are also antiperspirant deodorants. Twice the toxicity for the price of one?
In my opinion, antiperspirants have got to rank as one of the leaders in “anti-health“ personal care products. Our bodies sweat for several reasons, and to interfere with this important process is to undermine the innate intelligence of the body and therefore a risky manoeuvre. We should no more stop our bodies sweating than put a cork up our bottoms! Honestly, is that absurd.

/…/ Alcohol, drugs, junk foods and too much processed meat are some of the worst offenders for bad body odour. Not to mention all those lovely anti-health chemicals that are thought to be able to pass through the skin into our bloodstream – very worrying, considering that the armpit is rich in lymph nodes and is very close to the breast. No surprise then that certain chemicals from cosmetics have been discovered in breast tumours. Of course, there’s no ‘conclusive evidence’…”

It is important to realise what we put on and in ourselves. That is why it is good to live by the so many times repeated rule, that we should use only the cosmetic, we can eat. And Boun Apetit!

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